Software Company Development and Growth Strategies

Software Company Development and Growth Strategies

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Ace 7 Advisors has a new eBook describing a proven approach and best practices for corporate development intended for software company executives.

A Corporate Development Primer for Software Companies was written by Edward A. Sykes, a veteran in the software industry and accomplished in mergers and acquisitions. The eBook is based on Ed’s real-world accomplishments in corporate development in the software industry.

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Software Company Development and Growth Strategies Services

Our Software Company Development and Growth Strategies services are designed for emerging software companies looking for ways to grow their business. Our Corporate Development service focuses on tactical and near-term growth through mergers and acquisitions.  Our  Growth Strategies service focuses on long-term company and market analysis. Working with Ace 7 Advisors allows you to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business while leveraging our experience to build a long term strategy for growing your business.

 Corporate Development Services

An estimated $3.9 trillion was spent worldwide in 2016 on mergers and acquisitions in the software industry.  This was the third highest year over the past decade. This high level of activity is expected to continue. The major reasons for this include:

  • The need to accelerate growth beyond organic constraints with new technologies
  • The desire to accelerate acquirer’s time-to-market in new adjacent or non-adjacent markets
  • The need to adapt to changing markets (e.g., the evolution of software from on-premises to SaaS models, cloud, IoT, etc.) and new business models

Ace 7 Advisors has experience in guiding emerging software companies through the process.

Ace 7 Advisors approach and services for software company corporate development

Growth Strategies

We focus on long-term company and market analysis, competitive and gap analysis which are centered around three main activities:

  • Perform extensive company and market analysis
  • Deliver multi-industry leading perspective on sustainable growth practices
  • Collaborate with Product Management and Strategy Planning teams to bring

Ace 7 Advisors growth strategies approach for software companies


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