Fractional Integrator

What is a Fractional Integrator?

A Fractional Integrator is a part-time member of the leadership team responsible for the day-to-day operations in organizations that are using The Entrepreneurial Operating System ® (EOS ® ). The Fractional Integrator is the second-in-command and is responsible for executing the company vision. They are accountable for profit and loss.

Why use a Fractional Integrator?

Using a Fractional Integrator makes sense for organizations that don’t have a strong second-in-command. The Fractional Integrator can serve as a temporary resource while the company recruits and hires a full time Integrator. The Fractional Integrator is also a good long-term solution for smaller organizations that cannot afford a full-time Integrator.

Why Ace 7 Advisors?

  1. Ace 7 Advisors has experienced Integrators that work as Fractional Integrators. They have years of experience growing and managing business operations. Their experience spans business startups, privately held, venture funded, and publicly traded companies.
  2. Our Integrators have proven accomplishments in sales, marketing, finance, technology, and customer service.
  3. Our Integrators have proven success in sales, marketing, finance, technology, and customer service.

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