I am sold on the value of Entrepreneurial Operating System®, but don’t have time to Integrate it into my business

Sound familiar? We hear this from very good intentioned entrepreneurs and innovative executives. Many have even taken the first step to bring in an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) Professional or Certified Implementer. They have begun the processes necessary to get the benefits of this powerful and beneficial business tool in motion.

The leadership team likely shares a passion to get traction as soon as possible. But what about running the daily business. How do we do both?

Working with and through EOS® Implementors “Fractional Integrators” like Ace 7 Advisors can provide the additional horsepower, time and focused discipline to keep your organization from stagnating, or worse, rolling backwards.

“Fractional Integrators” are focused, as each company’s specific need presents itself, on serving as an interim GM, COO, (and in some cases as CFO, CMO or CTO). They work to understand the business’ issues and to help run weekly L10 meetings, one-on-ones and same page meetings. They help make the transition to a new way of running the business, and frankly to take a piece of the time commitment weight off everybody’s shoulders.

Fractional refers to the utilization of an integrator at a pace agreed to by the contracting company’s executive team. These Integrators may not be on-site every business day, however, they can and do commit to fulltime on-sight status during initial start-up and during times when quarterly and annual planning dictate.

The Fractional Integrator’s perspective provides objective review and feedback regarding the seats/roles that are truly necessary, the team, and the need to consider evolution to one or both.

Fractional Integrators work with EOS Implementors, the executive teams they serve, and the long-term vision of the organization. The engagement lasts as long as the team needs support to build the infrastructure, processes, and discipline to be self-sustaining. This period is typically 6 to 18 months.

Ace 7 Advisors utilizes experienced executives that have served in GM, CEO, COO, CFO, and other similar roles building teams, revenues and returns, solving problems with processes, people, and vendors. We actively and compassionately serve stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, and local communities to sustain long term relationships.

Talk to us about how “Fractional Integrators” will help speed and ease your EOS® pathway.

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